Sustainable Agriculture

Fresh food. Clean water. Healthy communities. Local jobs. These are just a few of the many benefits that result when you support the sustainable agriculture movement. Local farms and farmers are critical components of a vibrant community. Supporting sustainable agriculture benefits individuals, communities, the environment, and the economy.

CCL staff in Charleston, Beaufort, Georgetown and Columbia are working with farmers, government agencies/officials, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities to support food and agriculture in the following areas:

  • Statewide Policy – supporting legislation and initiatives that enable sustainable farming practices. This year, legislative actions will focus on promoting the Making Small Farms Big Business report.
  • Local Planning and Regulation – working with local planning bodies to ensure that policies protect our farms and farmers. Charleston and Dorchester counties are working on creating Voluntary Agriculture and Forest Communities right now, and we’re helping!
  • Education – ensuring that farmers have access to the technical resources they need to shift to the most community-friendly practices possible. Check out GrowFood Carolina’s new demonstration garden!
  • Outreach – working with farmers, local organizations and the community to ensure a symbiotic relationship between producers and consumers.
  • Collaboration – working with local organizations and stakeholders to further the sustainable agriculture movement through community action. CCL sits on the Executive Board of the South Carolina Food Policy Council.
  • Infrastructure – working to support the state’s first local food hub, GrowFood Carolina, our local food distribution project that assists farmers in marketing, selling, and distributing their local produce.

Understanding the benefits of consuming food grown close to home and using small-scale sustainable methods for farming will change the paradigm of unsustainable industrial food production. Here are some concrete steps you can take to make a difference in your community:

1.  Buy local. Eat at restaurants and shop at stores that stock local produce. GrowFood Carolina is making it easier to find local food.

2.  Visit farms and get to know your local farmers.

3.  Support your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

4.  Join CCL and take action. You can get involved in state and local politics, education, outreach and the local agricultural community. Get active!

For more information on CCL’s Food and Agriculture Program, please contact Lisa Turansky at (843) 725-2059 or


Mark your calendars! September 11, 2014 is a Mushroom Celebration that you won’t want to miss.


CCL Sustainable Agriculture Resources:

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