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What is the issue?

As the nation moves away from its dependency on fossil fuels, wind energy is proving itself to be a viable alternative to traditional power generation. Fortunately, South Carolina is in a position to not only take advantage of the substantial offshore wind resource along our coast, but to also reap the benefits of the economic development opportunities that come along with this industry. All that is currently missing is the political will power to make our state a leader in offshore wind development.

How would it affect South Carolina?

The rising cost of carbon makes renewable energy development critical to a secure energy future for SC. Offshore wind holds the most promise for utility scale renewable energy in our state and could displace a substantial amount of our current demand for environmentally destructive sources of power like coal. Instead of importing resources from other states and other countries, SC can create jobs, generate revenue, and power our homes and businesses with this local, clean energy source.

What can you do about it?

Tell your elected leaders and electric utility that you support offshore wind development for South Carolina. Write to your local newspaper and tout the benefits offshore wind holds for the Palmetto State. Talk to your neighbors and friends about this opportunity to power our state with this clean alternative to fossil fuels.

  • The US Department of Energy estimates that an offshore wind industrial cluster in SC would generate up to 20,000 jobs and bring in $80 billion in revenue over the next 20 years
  • Reduced mercury in our waterways and cleaner air to breathe as we move away from our dependence on coal
  • Long term energy security for SC
  • SC will continue importing the vast majority of our energy resources from other states and other countries
  • Rate payers will continue to be exposed to the increasingly volatile fossil fuel markets
  • Our water, air and health will be further compromised from coal fired power plants

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