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Offshore Drilling: We Won!

You spoke up. They listened. And today we won!

A little more than a year ago, the Obama Administration shocked us all by announcing plans to allow oil and gas drilling off our coast — a direct threat to South Carolina’s tourism economy and quality of life.

Tens of thousands of citizens organized throughout the state to stop offshore drilling. Hundreds of coastal towns and cities passed resolutions declaring their opposition. Businesses and local leaders, Republicans and Democrats, urban and rural folks alike stood as a united front with a single message: Don’t mess up our coast.

It worked.

The Obama Administration is expected to announce this afternoon that they are reversing course and will not enable leasing for oil and gas drilling off the South Carolina coast.

We share the responsibility to ensure that future generations can enjoy the precious natural resources that we do. Today we succeeded in defeating a proposal that would have put everything we love about this place at risk.

While we celebrate, the fight is not over. There’s still hard work to do to ensure the conservation of South Carolina’s coast.

Here at the Coastal Conservation League, we will remain vigilant — keeping close watch over our coastal waters, air, land, and wildlife.

Join us in protecting South Carolina today.

A special thanks to the 24 cities and counties that passed resolutions opposing offshore drilling, the citizen groups SODA POP and Don’t Drill SC Lowcountry, Congressman Mark Sanford, South Carolina Senator Chip Campsen, Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling, the Southern Environmental Law Center, Oceana, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Conservation Voters of South Carolina, South Carolina Wildlife Federation, the South Carolina Environmental Law Project, and all of the other individuals, businesses, groups, and leaders that stood up for our coast.

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