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Seasonal Selections: February’s Buzzworthy Partnerships

by Alison Pierce

Our plates would look a lot different without pollinators. Birds, bees, butterflies, moths, wasps, beetles, and bats all support the health and growth of plants and the world’s food supply. A 2016 report, by 124 United Nations-organized countries, found that plants that rely on pollinators account for 35 percent of global crop production volume. But, pollinator numbers worldwide are declining due to pesticides, parasites, climate change and other factors.

Locally, it’s important to support producers like Horsecreek Honey Farms, and the restaurants and stores that recognize the importance of sourcing local honey. Horsecreek Honey is one of the few certified honey houses in South Carolina, and delivers a truly local, raw and unfiltered product. It’s folks like Horsecreek’s Farron and Kathy, and their 1,000 hives across South Carolina, who shape our plates for the better.

Here’s a list of GrowFood partners who have teamed up with us this month to highlight local honey:

  • 5Church
  • Bar Normandy
  • The Bounty Box
  • Butcher and Bee
  • College of Charleston
  • Fig
  • The Gathering
  • Goat.Sheep.Cow North
  • Harbinger Café
  • Husk
  • The Lot
  • Lowcountry Street Grocery
  • Mercantile and Mash,
  • Michael’s on the Alley
  • Oak
  • One Broad
  • Parcel 32
  • Slightly North of Broad
  • The Spectator Hotel
  • Ted’s Butcher Block
  • Tidal Grounds Coffee
  • University of South Carolina
  • The Vegetable Bin

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