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A Word from the Warehouse – February 2017

by Sara Clow
Our plates would look a lot different without pollinators. Birds, bees, butterflies, moths, wasps, beetles and bats all support the health and growth of plants and the world’s food supply. A 2016 report, by 124 United Nations-organized countries, found that plants that rely on pollinators account for 35 percent of global crop production volume. But, pollinator numbers worldwide are declining due to pesticides, parasites, climate change and other factors.

Locally, it’s important to support producers like Horsecreek Honey Farms, and the restaurants and stores that recognize the importance of sourcing local honey. Horsecreek Honey is one of the few certified honey houses in South Carolina that delivers a truly local, raw and unfiltered product. It’s folks like Horsecreek’s Farron and Kathy, and their 1,000 hives across the state, who shape our plates for the better. To see a full list of partners who have teamed up with GrowFood Carolina this month to highlight local honey, visit our website.

We appreciate everyone who attended our Sweet Buzz party earlier this month, which celebrated pollinators and the producers, chefs and difference-makers who enable us to enjoy local South Carolina honey. We especially thank the incomparable Amanda McNulty, host of SCETV’s Making it Grow!, and The Bee Cause’s Tami Enright, who brings educational hives to classrooms across the country, for joining us at the warehouse.

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Nikki Seibert Kelley, the force behind Wit Meets Grit, penned a recent blog post on the complex path our food travels to get to our tables – and how to build transparency in our food system. Nikki, a Food Systems Leader, reflects on how we can embrace and advocate for agricultural conservation, diversity and economic growth. Once a farm apprentice on Johns Island, Nikki now works to support producers and has partnered with GrowFood Carolina to develop the South Carolina Food Hub Network.

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Post of the Month
Featured Recipe

The Lavender Bee’s Knees

We are happy dancing with our shakers. This month, High Wire Distilling is sharing the recipe for Lavender Bee’s Knees. This bright, floral drink was a hit with Sweet Buzz party-goers and can be easily replicated at home. Cheers!

Here’s what you need to make one cocktail:

  • 1.5 oz. Hat Trick Botanical Gin
  • ½ oz. Horsecreek Honey Farms Honey Simple Syrup
  • ½ oz. Lavender Simple Syrup
  • Juice of half a lemon

Make your lavender simple syrup, using a 1:1 ratio of Demerara sugar and hot water. Steep with ½ cup of dried lavender for 24 hours. Make your honey simple syrup, using a 1:1 ratio of Horsecreek Honey Farms honey and hot water. Using a jigger, measure each ingredient and pour into a shaker. Add ice and shake until the tin becomes frosty. Fine strain into a chilled champagne glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Quote of the Month

“Bees have so much to offer us if we only listen.”


– Jay Ebben, Painted Hives


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