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A Word from the Warehouse – January 2017

by Sara Clow
HAPPY NEW YEAR! The start of the year can’t be more different than the last, from a balmy 70-degree February in 2017 to a winter wonderland in 2018. Bizarre weather patterns – and the effects of climate change – grow more apparent with each passing year. All over the country, groups of farmers and farmer advocates are collaborating to create resilience strategies and identify opportunities to mitigate these big weather swings. Our collective work to ensure local food systems thrive is integral to climate resilience.

When our team at GrowFood Carolina plans winter crops with growers, we all recognize that the risks are higher in winter, but the rewards can be great. That said, many things that were planted prior to the six inches of snow will not survive. Still, thanks to the product and regional diversity we have created, there remains an abundance of local goods like citrus, pecans, grains, cheese, calendula and honey. So, it’s vital, even in January, to always ask for local!

Cold weather is not all bad news. Most of the fruit trees (minus citrus) love the freezing temps this time of year, and it kills lots of pests. Folklore tells us cold weather makes collards and other greens much sweeter. And, it provides the perfect excuse to drink way too much hot cocoa. At the warehouse, we use local milk from Lowcountry Creamery, a dairy and creamery based in Bowman. Just up Highway 26, this fifth-generation family farm has an all Jersey cow herd. Many of our partner cafes carry (and love) this local milk.

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We made it: Charleston Magazine‘s annual Charleston Bucket List! This month, the magazine gave a shout-out to our Mushroom Gathering, held every October to celebrate our local food scene and feature fungi in fun dishes and drinks.

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Sweet Buzz

Speaking of awesome warehouse parties, consider joining us on Friday, February 9 for Sweet Buzz. The event is a perfect way to enjoy Valentine’s Day early and learn more about bees, which are a critical building block for a healthy food system. Some of our favorite local chefs, brewers and distillers will be there to bring honey-inspired ideas to life. Learn more, see a full list of partners and RSVBee here.

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Local Yogurt Bowl

An easy recipe that can be eaten for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or dessert! Use ingredients that are local and seasonal. Place yogurt in your favorite bowl, add pecans, drizzle honey and enjoy with sliced citrus. Here’s a quick list of ingredients and our favorite local products:

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“There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm. One is the danger of supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other that heat comes from the furnace.”


– Aldo Leopold


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