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A Word from the Warehouse – September 2018

by Sara Clow
The phones are working overtime at the warehouse. In the days leading up to and following Florence, our team has been calling and checking on our farmer partners. For the most part, the news is good. Many of them weathered the storm well, though our thoughts are with our regional community in North Carolina and its recovery.

Florence marked the fifth extreme weather event in four years for our farmers — they’ve faced hard freezes, hurricanes, too much rain … and then not enough. Climate change is making the business of farming harder. Still, local food systems are critical to building resilient communities and they require your support. When you eat local food, you help farmers and your entire community grow strong and stable.

When I was young, the “incredible edible egg” was a popular marketing campaign, and as I write this email, the commercial’s happy tune is stuck in my head. Like a lot of families, eggs were a staple in my house growing up and a quick, nutritious and inexpensive way to feed our pack of five. I knew eggs weren’t grown in the grocery store (thanks, Mom!), but like most city kids, I’d never seen a chicken.

Since then, I’ve spent quality time with chickens, and I eat local eggs every day. Why local? First and foremost, local eggs are delicious. And buying from a local producer is the only way to know how the chickens were treated and fed and for how long the eggs were stored.

It took GrowFood Carolina six years to find a farmer who met the quality standards for local eggs that we were looking for, and the wait was well worth it. The eggs from Watson Farms in Chester are fresh, flavorful, pasture-raised and supplemented with only non-GMO feed. You will be hooked the second you crack one open and see its rich, bright yellow yolk. Watson Farms is an awesome example of a meat and egg producer doing it the right way for the right reasons — and we are excited to bring these eggs to the Lowcountry. Currently, chefs are gobbling up all the supply, but we’re working on getting them to grocers as well soon! Stay tuned.

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Maple Bacon and Egg Ice Cream by Chef Marc Collins

Circa 1886’s Executive Chef and a founder of Charleston Wine + Food Festival, Marc Collins, was thrilled when we asked him to share a recipe using September’s secret ingredient: local eggs. Chef Marc and his team are big fans of Watson Farms eggs for their bright yellow yolks and the richness they bring to every dish, especially the restaurant’s in-house ice creams.

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