Efficiency First in South Carolina

Energy efficiency is less expensive, yields larger economic returns, results in greater social benefits, and promises superior environmental performance to all other available energy resources. Just as importantly, it has been consistently demonstrated in the marketplace to be effective. Because energy efficiency can also meet a large portion of South Carolina’s foreseeable energy needs, it should be the centerpiece of a comprehensive state energy policy.

Although South Carolina currently ranks 40th nationally in energy efficiency, recent studies from  the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (links below) project upwards of 20,000 local jobs and billions of dollars in both ratepayer savings and increased gross state product would accrue from more aggressive energy efficiency policies. These policies include updated building codes and appliance standards, financing mechanisms and improved incentives for building retrofits, workforce development initiatives, and mandatory efficiency targets for electric utilities.

South Carolina’s electricity providers have launched portfolios of energy efficiency programs that have begun to achieve substantial energy savings throughout our state. The Conservation League will continue to monitor the utilities’ implementation of efficiency programs with an eye towards maximizing savings achievements, cost-effectiveness, and transparency. We will also continue to support adoption of policies aimed at helping more families and businesses save money on rising energy bills, while simultaneously creating local jobs and reducing the environmental impacts of energy use in South Carolina.

Learn more about energy efficiency in SC:

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (here and here)

Analysis of 2015 efficiency program filings (SCE&G, DEC, DEP)

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